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The Big Top Freeze Pop treat makers will allow you to quickly and easily make delicious, round, easily-to-lick frozen pops that kids and adults alike will love to eat. You aren’t limited to fruit juices—to make the pops, you can use any edible, freezable substances, including pudding or gelatin, and you are even able to mix different substances together to create interesting flavors such as chocolate-banana and strawberry-pineapple. Freeze pops are often a messy thing to eat, but this product’s drip catcher will catch any drips, so you can eat Big Top Freeze Pops anywhere, including in the car and outdoors, without making a mess of yourself and your surroundings. Both the sticks and the freezing chambers are safe to clean using the dishwasher and do not contain the chemical BPA.

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To make fun frozen snacks, all you need to do is fill a Big Top Freeze Pop maker’s round silicone freezing chamber with your favorite drink (such as lemonade or blue raspberry punch), plop it in the freezer with a stick attached, and after it’s frozen, pop off the chamber in order to view and consume your tasty surprise. If you get bored with fruit drinks, you can mix two flavors together, or even fill a chamber with gelatin or pudding instead—you’ll have fun watching the gelatin wiggle. Both adults and children enjoy many different varieties of these delicious pops, which are easily portable and can be consumed anywhere, due to the fact that built-in drip catchers prevent any mess.

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The cost of Big Top Freeze Pop is $10.00 plus $6.95 shipping. The special TV offer allows you to receive a second Big Top Freeze Pop by paying the extra shipping fee of $6.95 for a total price of $23.9.

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  • Can fill with any edible, freezable substance to make delicious round freeze pops
  • Drip catcher catches any drips, so the pops can be eaten anywhere indoors or outdoors and won’t make a mess
  • Able to combine two substances for double the great taste
  • All parts (freezing chamber and stick) are dishwasher safe, and free of the chemical BPA 


  1. Birthday parties or other special occasions
  2. Hot summer days, especially at the pool
  3. As a special treat after dinner or any time desired 

How it Works 

After you fill the round freezing chamber, which is made out of silicone, with an edible, freezable substance or two, it will freeze your substance(s) into a curved shape which makes pops easy to lick. The freezing chamber will work effectively in any freezer, and will easily pop off after a treat has been fully frozen. Each Big Top Freeze Pop’s drip catcher will catch drips, preventing any mess inside the freezer or out. 

How to Use It

  1. Fill the freezing chamber with a desired substance or two.
  2. Attach a stick to the freezing chamber. 
  3. Place both in the freezer while attached, with the stick facing upward, and leave for several hours. 
  4. Take the frozen treat out of the freezer, rotate it, and then pull the freezing chamber off to reveal a delicious round freeze pop. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What items come in a Big Top Freeze Pop kit? 

In a Big Top Freeze Pop kit, you get two freeze pop makers (which consist of a stick and a silicone freezing chamber), plus the Big Top Freeze Pop Recipe Guide, which will offer you tons of ideas as to what kind of pops to create. 

Who can use Big Top Freeze Pops? 

Big Top Freeze Pops are safe for children to use, and they even prevent them from making a mess of the house and car as they eat, since they have built-in drip catchers that catch those annoying drips before they fall onto the ground or onto their clothes. The pop makers are also made with BPA-free plastic. However, they aren’t exclusively for children; adults can also get a lot of enjoyment out of them too. 

What am I able to put in Big Top Freeze Pops? 

The Big Top Freeze Pop freezing chambers will take any edible, freezable substance, such as lemonade, pudding, or gelatin. 

Are Big Top Freeze Pops difficult and time-consuming to make? 

Big Top Freeze Pops are not difficult to make. All you need to do is pour a substance, or two if you choose, into the freezing chamber and then add a stick. The pouring takes only seconds, and if you want to use two substances but are pressed for time, two people can each pour one in simultaneously. 

How do I clean my Big Top Freeze Pop makers? 

Both plastic pieces of the kits (the sticks and the freezing chambers) are dishwasher safe, so they can easily be cleaned after each use. 

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