Appethyl is a weight loss supplement that works to reduce cravings and control your hunger. This dietary supplement comes in the form of a powder and can be mixed with drinks, smoothies or wholesome recipes. The supplement gained popularity in sweden and is actually a spinach extract. It works with your body to decrease hunger and cravings for unhealthy foods. By doing this, you will automatically eat less which is the key to weight loss.

Infomercial As Seen on TV

According to the Appethyl infomercial you can stop letting your eating habits control your life. Now you are in control of what you eat, when you eat and how much you eat. During a human trial, people who consumed Appethyl once a day had 95% less cravings for sweets than they normally did. They also felt 25% less hungry, even four hours after a eating a meal.

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  1. Drinks

    Mix Appethyl with drinks around your home to be consumed with a meal, or before hand. It can be mixed with water, juice, smoothies, and shakes.

  2. Meals

    If you do not like drinking Appethyl you can add it to any of your recipes. This will disguise the taste but ensures you are still reaping the benefits of the product.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Grab A Package

    The first step to using Appethyl is to grab one of the pre-measured packages.

  2. Mix It

    If you are using it in some form of a drink the only thing you have to do is add it to the liquid and mix it. Should you be adding it to a recipe, follow the instructions on the back of the package.

  3. Consume

    Consume your entire drink to get the full benefits of Appethyl.


  • No Side Effects

    Appethyl does not have any known side effects because it is made from spinach.

  • Pre-measured Packages

    Appethyl is delivered to you in individually sealed packages that all contain five grams of the powder.

  • Natural

    This product is completely natural. It does not contain any harsh chemicals or additives.

How It Works

The secret behind Appethyl is its ability to release Thylakoids. Thylakoids exist within the body and are present in many of the foods that we eat. Their purpose is to reduce hunger and cravings, this is made possible because Thylakoids slow down our digestive system which gives our brain time to tell our stomach we are full. The problem with unhealthy foods is that they are digested very fast, preventing the release of Thylakoids, which causes us to overeat. Appethyl is designed to release thylakoids so that when we are eating, we feel full sooner and for longer periods of time afterwards.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

  • When Should It Be Taken?

    You can take Appethyl at any point throughout the day. It is suggested that you will obtain best results by consuming it at breakfast because you will feel more full for the entire day.

  • How Much Do You Take?

    You only need to consume five grams of Appethyl a day. That is why the individual packages are measured to contain this amount of powder. If you are using it in a recipe and not a drink, follow the specific instructions on each package.

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