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The Ahh Bra is a seamless bra that offers a great deal of comfort and support and does not contain any underwires, hooks, or clasps. It features technology that is able to conceal underarm bulges, back fat, and lines. The Ahh Bra is composed of nylon and spandex and flatter's the user's curves rather than making them look unappealing as many bras do. The Ahh Bra has weave construction and ultra wide comfort straps to hide problem areas and bring out natural curves. It is machine washable and goes by a user's t-shirt size. Since the Ahh Bra does not have any hooks or wires, it simply pulls on over the head and is worn like a sports bra. 

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The Ahh Bra is the original comfort and support bra! Its breakthrough technology allows your curves to stand out and your problem areas to remain hidden. No longer will there be tugging, pulling, or pushing because the Ahh Bra has no underwires, hooks, or clasps. It’s the ultimate bra in comfort and adds enough support to make a huge difference. The Ahh Bra will conceal bumps and bulges, as well as bra lines and back fat so you can finally have a bra that makes you look good. The Ahh Bra is also machine washable and goes by your t-shirt size. 

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  • Over 80% of women wear the wrong-sized bra
  • Lifts and supports
  • Available in black, nude, or white
  • Will continue to fit even if the user loses or gains weight
  • Sizes go by t-shirt sizes
  • No straps, underwires or hooks
  • Machine washable
  • Made from knitted spandex and nylon blend fabric
  • Made with wide sides and a wide back to smooth the appearance of back and underarm bulges under clothes
  • Keeps its color even when put in the washer and dryer repeatedly


  1. Hugs and flatters the curves
  2. Gives a smooth, line-free appearance, even under form fitting tops and blouses
  3. Provides subtle support for all sizes

How it works

The Ahh Bra is made of 96% nylon and 4% spandex. Because of its weave construction and ultra wide comfort straps, the Ahh Bra flatters the curves and conceals lines, bumps, and bulges. It is machine washable and non-shrinkable.

How to use it

  1. Order based on t-shirt size
  2. Simply slip on over the head

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How do I know which size will work best?

Just "Shop your top!."

The size you wear in a top, is the size you wear in the "AhhBra" (your cup size is irrelevant). See our sizing information to view specific sizes. Because of Ahh Bra’s unique design you may comfortably fit into more than one size, so make sure to choose the smaller size for a little more support.

Does the Ahh Bra really work?

Over 5 million sold so far! Women around the world have discovered the comfort and versatility of the Ahh Bra - throw out those torturous structured bras that poke and prod and breathe a sigh of relief when you slip into the "Ahh" lifestyle!

Is the Ahh Bra machine washable?

Yes, the Ahh Bra is machine washable and can even be put in the dryer without pilling or losing its shape. The Ahh Bra will not bleed or fade with multiple washes.

Who buys the Ahh Bra?

Women of all ages, shapes and sizes love the Ahh Bra because its breakthrough seamless design conforms to your unique shape and offers endless style options.

What makes the Ahh Bra so soft and comfortable?

The Ahh Bra is knit using only the finest yarns on a hosiery machine giving you that wonderful seamless, tagless design. The fabric is a unique blend of 96% Nylon and 4% Spandex for amazing 4-way stretch and a soft velvety feel.

Is the Ahh Bra difficult to get on?

The Ahh Bra is easy to get on, just pull it over your head or step into it. The stretch fabric allows you to comfortably get the Ahh Bra on without worrying about losing shape or popping seams (there are none!).

How supportive is the Ahh Bra?

The Ahh Bra is designed as the ultimate comfort leisure bra for women of all shapes and sizes. It softly conforms to your shape and gives you lightweight, comfortable support with a wide band under the bust and soft center front, and side ruching. For a little more support without the bulk of a traditional bra, try layering two!

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