The Xhose is an expandable hose that grows three times its length when filled with water pressure. When the water is drained out, it will shrink back down to its base size. The Xhose is lightweight and durable because of the way it is designed. A tough inner rubber hose is covered by a folded outer covering. The Xhose is also lightweight as a 50 foot hose weighs only one pound. Its patented design ensures that the Xhose will be protected against kinking, twisting, or tangling, and its small size makes it so that it can be stored away easier
than traditional hoses.

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The Xhose is the world’s first expandable hose! When the water is turned on, it magically expands up to three times its length. When the water is turned off, it contracts down to a small size. Unlike traditional hoses, the Xhose is incredibly light and 50 feet only weighs one pound. The Xhose is composed of a tough and durable multi-layer inner hose and a folded outer covering. It’s a durable hose that will last a long time. And the patented design of the Xhose ensures that it will never kink, twist, or tangle. When the task with the Xhose
is completed, it will store to an incredibly small size that will store neatly away.

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  • Expands three times its length
  • Contracts as water drains
  • Lightweight- 50 foot Xhose weighs one pound
  • Made from durable strong webbing
  • Does not kink
  • Can spray up high
  • Contracts to a small size to be stored neatly


  1. High-flow spray for high windows
  2. Watering the garden
  3. Washing the car
  4. Spraying off decks

How it Works

The Xhose automatically expands when it fills with water, and contracts when it’s drained. It is composed of a tough, multi-layered and expandable inner hose plus a folded outer hose covering made from super strong and durable webbing. Its patented design prevents it from kinking, twisting, or tangling. Additionally, the Xhose contracts to such a small size that it can easily be stored places like RVs and boats.

How to Use it

  1. Connect the Xhose to any water spout
  2. Allow it to completely expand
  3. Complete task at hand with Xhose
  4. Allow water to completely drain and then for Xhose to contract

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How does the Xhose work?

The Xhose is composed of a tough rubber inner hose that is surrounded by a durable and strong folded covering. Its revolutionary design ensures that it will never kink or tangle, and it’s incredible lightweight at just one pound for a 50 foot hose.

Are there other sizes of the Xhose available?

Yes, the Xhose is available in three sizes: 25 feet, 50 feet, and 75 feet.

What is the Xhose Pro?

The Xhose Pro is an enhanced version of the standard Xhose. It comes with brass fittings, it can withstand 250 PSI, and it is designed with a full 3/4" diameter.

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