Snuggie Up Blanket

The Snuggie Up Blanket is derived from the original Snuggie, which is famously known as the blanket with sleeves. Snuggie Up Blanket has all the original features of the original Snuggie with some enhancement to the design. The Snuggie Up Blanket now comes in six new designs and includes a waist tie and cuffed sleeves for more freedom than before. The new styles include Purple Classic, Blue Classic, Female Bikini Bathing Suit, Male Bathing Suit, Male Tuxedo, and Female Evening Gown. Just like the original Snuggie, the Snuggie Up Blanket is intended to allow the user to be able to move their arms freely while staying warm.

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Snuggie Up Blanket keeps individuals warm from head to toe while giving them complete freedom of movement! The new Snuggie Up Blanket comes with a waist tie and cuffed sleeves, so users can stay warm no matter what they’re doing. Whether it’s working the remote, using the laptop, doing some reading, or studying for school, users will remain cozy and free to move their arms about. The new Snuggie Up design comes with softer and thicker plush material and is available in 6 different styles, including Purple Classic, Blue Classic, Female Bikini Bathing Suit, Male Bathing Suit, Male Tuxedo, and Female Evening Gown.

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The cost of Snuggie Up Blanket is $19.95 plus $7.95 shipping, for a total price of $27.9.

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  • Cuffed sleeve
  • Waist tie
  • Original Snuggie features, such as soft plush and sleeves for the arms
  • Six different designs to choose from
  • Freedom to move the arms while still remaining warm
  • Pockets
  • Softer and thicker


  1. Hold remotes, glasses, or snacks in the pockets
  2. Look fashionable while staying warm and cozy
  3. Stay warm while studying
  4. Buy Snuggie Up Blanket instead of a traditional blanket

How it works

Snuggie Up Blanket is made of soft, cozy plush that’s now softer and thicker than ever before. It literally takes on the meaning, blanket with sleeves. Snuggie Up Blanket allows users to move their hands freely and complete tasks while still staying warm and cozy.

How to use it

  1. Place arms into Snuggie Up Blanket’s sleeves
  2. Tie the Waist Tie around self
  3. Complete tasks as usual
  4. Use pockets for an assortment of objects
  5. Enjoy looking fashionable with choice of six different designs

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What’s the difference between the original Snuggie and the Snuggie Up Blanket?

The Snuggie Up Blanket contains all of the original Snuggie features, but with it is a more advanced version. The Snuggie Up Blanket includes a waist tie and a cuffed sleeve. Now you can wear your Snuggie with plenty of freedom and flexibility to move around.

What designs are there to choose from?

Your choices for Snuggie Up Blanket designs include Female Evening Gown, Male Tuxedo, Male Bathing Suit, Female Bikini Bathing Suit, Blue, and Purple.

Why should I buy the Snuggie Up Blanket? What does it have to offer me?

With Snuggie Up Blanket, you have the freedom to use your hands while still keeping warm!

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