Provoxyl is a topical pain relief formula that is intended to be smoothed out over any joint or muscle that may be caused by arthritis or old age. As people age, they lose some of the natural lubrication that promotes healthy flexibility in their joints and muscles. This causes pain when walking up stairs or getting up from a chair. Provoxyl is designed to work at the cellular level and promote more mobility and flexibility in the user as they apply the formula. It is intended to provide pain relief in minutes as well. Provoxyl is non-prescription and has a mint scent.

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Provoxyl is an easy to apply topical pain relief formula that promotes comfortable joint movement, increases flexibility and mobility, and cushions and lubricates joints. As people age, they lose a lot of the lubrication that makes it easy to walk up stairs and get up from chairs. This causes pain and soreness in the joints and muscles as well as arthritis in some people. With Provoxyl, users can promote more flexibility and mobility and receive the pain relief they need in just minutes. It is non-prescription and non greasy, and it has a great mint scent. Additionally, there were studies done to prove that it works.

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  • Topical pain relief cream
  • Restores fluids 
  • Lubricates deep at the cellular level 
  • Increases flexibility
  • Designed to provide pain relief in minutes 
  • Non-prescription 
  • Mint scented 
  • Proven by a double blind clinical study
  • Intended for people who suffer from arthritic or joint pain as well as muscle soreness and stiffness


  1. Increasing flexibility and mobility 
  2. Promoting comfortable joint movement
  3. Allowing for easier movement and flexibility not only when walking but getting up from chairs as well  
  4. Restoring fluids to help cushion the joints and muscles 
  5. Quickly delivering pain relief 

How it works 

Provoxyl lubricates deep at the cellular level and restores fluids in joints and muscles that have been lost over the years as one ages. It is a topical pain relief that is intended to deliver pain relief in minutes. 

How to use it

  1. Smooth the topical formula over the painful area 
  2. Wait a few minutes before moving for it to take effect 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is the product consistency? 

Provoxyl is a non-greasy formula with a great mint scent. 

Can I go about my day after applying it?

Yes, Provoxyl only takes a few minutes to start producing the pain relief effects. 

How do I apply Provoxyl? 

Simply rub it into the problem areas and allow it to absorb in your joints or muscles. You should start to feel pain relief within minutes of application. 

Do I need a prescription to purchase Provoxyl?

No, there is no prescripton needed wit Provoxyl. 

How does it work?

Provoxyl restores the fluids in your joints at the cellular level, promoting mobility and flexibility. 

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