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If the art of making a quality omelette makes for a painful cooking experience for you, the Gotham Steel Over EZ Omelette Pan is what you need in this case. It is guaranteed to help you make that restaurant quality omelette with just 3 easy steps that help you mix and fry your toppings and eggs perfectly every time. The pan has an innovative design that features the two sides with a non-stick and non-scratch Ti-ceramic coating on its surface to make sure your food does not stick and the utensil doesn't scratch.

Infomercial As Seen on TV

According to the infomercial, the Gotham Steel Over EZ Omelette Pan's non-stick and non-scratch surface is ptfe / pfoa/pfos free. The company also claims that the pan is safe to use in the oven for temperature up to 500 degrees. They even claim that the pan can be safely used in the dishwasher without having to worry about scratches.

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The cost of Omelette Pan is $14.99 plus $6.95 shipping. The special TV offer allows a free gift which you will receive by paying the extra shipping fee of $6.95 for a total price of $28.89.

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The website is badly designed with no navigation buttons to get to the information that you may need quickly. It is simply generic and dull. Almost all the information you will need has been crammed into the home page, such as instructions, videos and order details. This doesn’t make the awful website any better. They don’t even have an FAQ section. This can make anyone question the authenticity of the product and company since so little effort has been put into promoting the product where people get most of their information.


  • Non-stick Surface

    The Gotham Steel Over EZ Omelette Pan has a ceramic surface that makes food not stick when cooking and safe because it is free from ptfe / pfoa/pfos free.

  • Non-scratch Surface

    That pan also has a super-strong surface that is durable and scratch resistant – because it is made from high quality aluminium. This means that you can use metal utensils, such as forks, knives, spoons and more, without literally scratching the surface.

  • No Oil Or Butter

    When you are done cooking, the food just slides right out of the pan without the use of oil or butter to aid in the process.

  • Unique Flip Design

    Its unique flip design allows you to mix your eggs with your favourite filling and toppings to make omelettes like a pro. Just add them on one side. Then flip.

  • Oven And Dish Washer Safe

    The Gotham Steel Over EZ Omelette Pan’s durability makes it perfectly suited to be used in the oven ( up to 500 degrees ) or being washed in the dishwasher without sustaining any damage.

  • Easy To Clean

    Since food does not stick to it, the pan is very easy to clean. Just simply wipe it off and the pan is clean.


  1. Make Omelets And More.

    With the Gotham Steel Over EZ Omelette Pan, you can make any omelette you heart desires. Whether you want a French omelette or a tomato and basil one, the pan lets you make them quickly, easily and perfectly. Since the pan can be used in the oven, you can use it to make hash browns, stove-top pizza, French toast with fruit sauce, caramel apple coffee cake and more.

How It Works

The Gotham Steel Over EZ Omelette Pan uses a Ti-Ceramic surface that is made of a combination of ceramic and titanium coating. This has been done as a solution to ptfe / pfoa/pfos ( also known as Teflon ) coatings. The same have been used in the past to prove non-stick and non-scratch surfaces. Ti-Ceramic coating is hardened to the metal surface of the pan to conduct heat much better than its Teflon counter parts and also make it durable enough to provide resistance to that heat. Although considered a hard material, Teflon tends to chip off after multiple scrapes and exposure to heat. This makes the chemicals that it contains to mix in with the food. Long term exposure to these chemicals can lead to adverse health effects–this has only been tested in animals.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Add Eggs.

    Heat up the pan; add eggs to both sides of the pan. Then beat them so they mix well.

  2. Add Toppings

    After the eggs are properly beaten, add all your preferred toppings and fillings to one side of the pan like cheese, tomatoes, onions, green peppers and more.

  3. Flip

    To finally make that restaurant quality omelette that is perfect and fluffy, just flip one side of the pan. Now serve and enjoy.


We could not find any customer reviews of the Gotham Steel Over EZ Omelette Pan during our research online. The pan is not even being sold on Amazon or other websites where people usually post a lot of reviews and you can use them to form a good educated opinion. Looking at the reviews of similar products made by Gotham Steel with the same Ti-Ceramic surface, the customer reviews have been quite favorable. Their titanium frying pan is a good example. Many users who have reviewed this pan say that it works as advertised. Those that gave negative reviews of such products said the pans didn’t work for them at all or that it only worked 2 or 3 times before food began to stick and scratch. The number is too big to ignore; giving the scam claims a little bit of a merit.


  • Red Copper

    The Red Copper frying pan is simple alternative to the Gotham Steel Over EZ Omelette Pan. It also features a non-stick and non-scratch surface. This allows you to cook without worrying that the food will stick to the surface or that metal utensils will scratch it either because it has ceramic and copper surface. One can easy fry anything with it without using oil, butter or grease. You just won’t be making the type of omelettes the Gotham Steel Over EZ Omelette Pan helps you make with ease, since it is a normal pan.

  • Slip Stone

    The Slip Stone frying pan is made of a four-layer titanium and stone surface that give it a non-scratch and non-stick surface. It was designed to make you feel like you are cooking with real stone cookware. You can fry pretty much everything with it without using any oil, butter or grease. The pan is also perfect for making omelettes, but it won’t give you the same omelette making ability.

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