Minimax Charger

The Minimax Charger is an innovative portable charger that can be used to rapidly charge all your devices that use the USB feature. Moreover, if you are ever stranded, the charger is powerful enough to even give your car a quick boost to get it up and running again. With its capacity to hold a single charge for over a year, you will always have a capable power source near you when you have to charge your phone or jump start any vehicle.

Infomercial As Seen on TV

According to the infomercial, Minimax Charger can jump start any vehicle with a dead battery. Whether it is a car, boat, truck, motorcycle ATV and many more, the charger can give them all a boost. Another claim is that since it has a starting current of 200 amps that peaks up to 400 amps, the Minimax Charger can jump start up to 10 cars on a single charge. What's more? It can still have enough juice to charge your devices even after jump starting all those cars!

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The cost of Minimax Charger is $99.75 and the shipping is FREE!

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  • Portable

    Since the charger has a compact design that makes it smaller than a cell phone, it is practically weightless and can be carried anywhere you go. Just place it in your pocket, purse, hand bag, back pack, suitcase and many more.

  • Use It Anywhere

    The Minimax Charger can be used at home, office, on a trip or even outdoors to charge your phone, tablet, iPod, digital camera and many more. It is the ideal portable battery pack for situations where your device runs out of juice while in the middle of something very important.

  • Led Flash Light

    Minimax Charger has a built-in LED safety flashlight that is very bright for seeing in the dark. The flashlight also has emergency functions, such as strobe and S. O. S - in case you need to signal for help.

  • Status Indicator

    The charger also has a built-in status indicator that shows you when the charger is running low and is in need of a recharge.

  • Accessories

    When ordered online, the charger comes with the following accessories: multi-charger, car charger, jumper cables and a black carrying case to put everything in.


  1. Charge Devices.

    With the charger's 8000 mAh battery that has a 2 amp output for USB devices, your devices will get charged very quickly so you can start using them immediately.

  2. Jump Start Vehicles

    Since the Minimax Charger can jump start any vehicle, it comes in handy when your car battery dies on you so you do not have to call anyone or rely on the kindness of strangers. This feature is especially useful at night when you do not want to be stranded. The Charger can get your car up and running in no time.

How It Works

The charger is able to provide instant power and charge all these devices thanks to its advanced lithium-ion battery technology which is cobalt-based. This makes it a high powered, high density and high capacity battery that is able to hold and discharge power for a long period of time. The inside of the battery consist of a cathode ( positive electrode ), which is made of cobalt oxide, and an anode (negative electrode), which made of graphite carbon, in between the battery. When it is discharging, the lithium-ions move from cathode to anode and vice-verse when it is charging.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Charge Minimax.

    Plug the device to a power outlet using the included wall plug or plug into the car cigarette lighter using the included car charger to charge it. Make sure it is charged to full capacity before unplugging it and moving on to the next step.

  2. Plug In Devices

    Use the multi-charger to plug in mobile devices so they can charge or use the power cables to plug it to a vehicle in order to get it up and running with a quick boost.

  3. Switch It On

    After everything has been plugged in, press the power button on the charger to switch it on.

  4. Power Everything

    Now that the Minimax Charger is switched on and operational, everything that has been plugged in or plugged into should get instant power.


We have gone ahead to look at user reviews and opinions online of the product and how it performs in the real world so that we can make an educated opinion about it. The majority of reviews are positive and people are pleased with the product that we are confident it is not a scam. One reviewer praised the device's ability to charge his devices very quickly. He just didn't try it on his car, but he commended the device's does a good job at charging other devices. When it comes to jump-starting vehicles, one reviewer said they used this charger to jump start their Chevy Pickup truck. All they had to do was hook it up to the dead battery and the car started instantly. Another satisfied customer said they were able to jump start their motorcycle while others reported jump-starting their cars numerous times with it. On the negative side of things, some people have had the device overheating on them while charging or exploding when hooked up to the car battery. It is not clear whether we can attribute this to a faulty unit or improper use.


  • Car Rover Battery Pack

    The Car Rover is a high powered power pack that can also charge your devices and jump start vehicles. It has pretty much all the same features as the Minimax Charger - except the flashlight. The features that stand out are the impressive 26000 mAh capacity battery and the ability to also charge laptops ( comes with a laptop connector ).

  • Gooloo Battery Pack

    This is also another impressive high powered power pack that does the same things as the Minimax Charger - it will charger all your USB devices and jump start your vehicles. It also has pretty much the same features except for its 12000 mAh battery capacity.

SCAM Claims

  1. Seems Genuine.

    Minimax charger seems pretty much genuine. This charger features a sleek compact design and has a battery powered by the latest lithium-ion technology. The product also comes with all the accessories you need to use it with your devices and vehicles. Also, the website is well designed ( mobile friendly too ) and does a great job at explaining the product in well detailed manner, including videos. It is easy to navigate and you can find the number here which you can use to order the Minimax Charger,.

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