Magic Mesh

Magic Mesh is a mesh screen door that allows you to leave your door open to outdoors air without pesky bugs entering the house. The Magic Mesh slides open when you go through it, but with the power of 18 magnets, automatically closes. This is good for people who don’t close doors, or if your hands are full. Magic Mesh is great for patios and single doors, and pets can also go through Magic Mesh as well. It makes little noise when it goes back together, so no more slamming doors. It also can be installed easily, with no nails or screws required for installation.

Infomercial As Seen on TV

The infomercial address the problem of leaving your door open on a nice day, only for bugs to enter. The Magic Mesh is seen as the solution, because it lets the air from outside in, and it closes when you leave. The secret is said to be the 18 magnets the Magic Mesh has, so when you leave the magnets lock together. It says it’s useful for when your hands are full or if people forget to close the doors. It works well with single doors and is good for sliding doors. It also says it’s easy to install, with it seemingly not needing nails and screws.

Sale Price


Total Price Explained

The cost of Magic Mesh is $19.95 plus $7.95 shipping. The special TV offer allows you to receive a second Magic Mesh by paying the extra shipping fee of $7.95 for a total price of $35.85.

Special Offers Available

Buy 1 Get 1 Free

Warranty / Guarantee

30-day Money Back Guarantee (minus P&H)


  • Magic Mesh is a screen door that automatically closes all while letting in fresh air without the bugs. 
  • 18 magnets means that the door locks itself together after you go through it, good for when people leave doors open. 
  • Pets can go through it as well. 
  • Great for sliding doors, or patios.


  1. Great if you want to experience the outdoors in an area prone to bugs. 
  2. Great for those kids who don’t remember to close the door when they leave. 
  3. Good for the patio and for sliding doors. 
  4. Great for pets to come in and out as they please

How It Works

The Magic Mesh filters out bugs while letting outside air in, and its 18 magnets allow it to close back together automatically when people go through it. 

How To Use It

  1. Set up Magic Mesh and described in the instructions, making sure it’s secured around your door. 
  2. Leave your door open and enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Is Magic Mesh Noisy?

When people slam doors, it can cause a ruckus. But with Magic Mesh, the magnets snap back together quietly, which is great when you’re trying to leave when people are sleeping. 

Can Animals Enter?

If you have a pet that goes indoors and out, this is perfect for them. They can go through the door with ease, so no more having them scratch the door to be let in or out. 

Do I Need Anything To Install?

Unlike other filters, Magic Mesh requires no screws, nails, or other annoyances to fit on the door. Just install as per the instructions.

Customer Service Contact Information

Magic Mesh is committed to giving you the best customer service. Please allow two hours for your information to be updated, and have the information handy when you call. 
Phone: 1-866-649-0146
Hours: M-F 8 AM-10 PM Sat 9 AM-5 PM
P.O. Box 3179 
Wallingford, CT 06494 



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