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Lulla Pets is a stuffed animal which has a remote controlled audio recording and playing device embedded inside. Children can enjoy having a toy that looks like a pet, but has the ability to play story books, music and so much more. With a remote control, MP3 player and the ability to hold hundreds of songs, this product also comes with washable cotton. Ideal for use when traveling, at night or any time of the day, Lulla Pets can be taken anywhere.

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This stuffed animal is alternative to bed time stories and regular toys. Now you can record your custom messages so your little one can hear your voice whenever they wish. The product also claims to hold more than 200 songs, so your child can listen to them wherever they are.

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The cost of Lulla Pets is $39.95 plus $7.95 shipping for a total price of $47.90.

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  • A Remote Control
  • This allows children to select the songs or story they want to hear. The remote control is easy to use. Children will have no problem finding what they’re looking for.

  • A Voice Recorder
  • This feature means anyone can leave a message for their child as a bit of a surprise. Children can also leave messages for themselves and others too.

  • Pre-loaded Songs
  • 10 songs are loaded into each toy so they can be listened to and enjoyed right away.


  1. At Story Time
  2. A great way to add a touch of magic to story time that lets a child’s imagination grow.

  3. On Journeys
  4. It’s often hard to keep children occupied while on a long journey. Lulla Pets will entertain them and help to keep them out of mischief.

  5. Great For Sleep Overs
  6. Ideal for keeping every child entertained and it gives them all the chance to hear a bedtime story before they eventually fall asleep.

How It Works

Deep inside each toy is a pre-loaded speaker and MP3 player that can play stories and music. There’s also a voice recorder for saving special messages. The functions will be activated when the remote control is used, making it relatively easy to use and control.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Drag And Drop The Files
  2. This means songs and other files can be added to the toy.

  3. Use The Remote Control
  4. The remote control enables users to select songs and stories, this features also lets users replay the last tune so it can be heard again.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

  • Can It Be Used On Journeys?
  • Yes, Lulla Pets can be used an enjoyed on long journeys. It has been made to keep children entertained so they don’t get bored. What’s more is it comes with the ability to create 5 playlists so favorite songs can be stored and played one after the other.

  • Can You Wash It?
  • Yes this toy can be washed as it’s made from 100% cotton. Please follow the instructions to the toy always looks good.

  • Are There Different Designs?
  • There are currently 10 different Lulla Pets, including a bunny, dog, cat, monkey and so much more.

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