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Knit Cool is a kit that allows children to learn knitting without using dangerous needles in the process. This kit utilizes poles instead of needles, ensuring your child’s safety while giving them a creative outlet. The kit includes instructions, yarn, various charms and a few tools to help with the knitting process. It is a lightweight kit that is portable and can be used virtually anywhere your child would like to knit. Thus, it is a great way to get your child into a new hobby.

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Create hours of fun for your child while introducing him or her to the art of knitting. With this kit, you do not have to worry about needles or a complicated way of knitting. This Knits Cool Kit is designed specifically with children in mind and comes with instructions that make the knitting process easy.

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  • Style Guide
  • Knits Cool comes with a style guide that gives your child ideas and instructions on how to create various items. These fun projects include making leg warmers, socks, headbands, bracelets and much more. The style guide is where your child will learn the process for making their accessories of choice.


  1. Make Gifts For Others
  2. With this kit, your child can make gifts instead of buying them. They can knit their friends head wraps, headbands, scarves and more. Thus, your child will learn how to knit while also becoming more generous with their friends.

  3. Accessories For Themselves
  4. Your child can make their own accessories instead of purchasing them. This adds to their skill set and their level of creativity. Ideas for accessories can come from the style guide and eventually from your child, too.

How It Works

The Knits Cool Kit is a portable system that can be used anywhere. Simply set it down, tie a knot and continue looping the yarn as per the instructions from the style guide. This process can even be done in the car. Simply place the Knits Cool Kit on your lap to start knitting.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Tie A Knot
  2. Tie a knot with the provided yarn. Make sure it is the color you want your item or accessory to be.

  3. Loop Around The Pole
  4. Loop this knot around the pole. Then, loop is around the adjacent pole. Continue this process until the project is complete. Use the provided tools when necessary. When finished, you can place one of the provided trendy charms onto your new creation.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

  • Does It Come With Yarn?
  • Yes, the Knits Cool Kit comes with 50 yards of fashionable yarn to get your child started right away. The colors include blue, pink and purple.

  • Is It Really Safe?
  • Yes, the Knits Cool Kit is safe for children to use, as it does not utilize any dangerous needles. Instead, it uses poles for the knitting process.

  • What Can It Make?
  • Knits Cool allows your child to make everything from scarves to socks – and even sweaters for dogs.

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