Ionic Styler

The Ionic Styler is a multi functional hairstyling tool that uses the power of dual ionic ceramic technology to style the hair. It can curl, straighten, and brush through the hair as well as fight frizz. The Ionic Styler is always cool to the touch because ions from the inner ceramic core combine with frizz-fighting molecules from the ionic bristles to hydrate the hair and create a healthy shine. This technology causes the bristles to always be cool to the touch, which allows the user to style their hair with both of their hands instead of just one. Additionally, the Ionic Styler is safe and can be used on any type of hair, including children's. 

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Ionic Styler is the ultimate four-in-one styling tool. The magic is inside the cool touch brush, which combines ions from the ceramic core with frizz-fighting molecules in the bristles to create beautiful, shiny, silky hair. Users can even utilize both of their hands to style because the Ionic Style is always cool to the touch and it’s incredibly safe. The Ionic Styler consists of ceramic heating, top quality nylon bristles, and ionic technology. There’s no point in bothering with multiple hairstyling tools because the Ionic Styler can replace them all. It styles the hair in just minutes and transforms dull and lifeless hair to shiny, hydrated and silky.

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  • Uses four styling tools in one device 
  • Cool to the touch 
  • Both hands can be used to style hair 
  • Uses dual ionic styling 
  • Heated inner core 
  • Shines and hydrates the hair without burning through it 
  • Safe to use, even on children’s hair 
  • Cool touch bristles 


  1. Curls
  2. Reducing frizz
  3. Straight, sleek styles 
  4. Hydrating and shining 
  5. Replacement for four hairstyling tools 
  6. Styling children’s hair 
  7. Styling hair in minutes

How it works 

The Ionic Styler uses dual ionic ceramic technology. Ions from the ceramic core combine with frizz-fighting molecules from the ionic bristles to create healthy shine as well as hydrate the hair. This technology causes the bristles to be cool to the touch, which is how two hands are able to be used for a more productive hairstyling session. This makes it safe to be used on any type of hair as well as children’s hair. 

How to use it 

  1. Straighten or curl the hair with two hands 
  2. Brush in the same manner as traditional brushes 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

I have short hair, can I still use the Ionic Styler?

The Ionic Styler works for all types of hair. If your hair is long enough to brush and/or straighten, then it’s long enough to be styled with Ionic Styler. 

Is it safe to use on my young daughter’s hair?

Yes. Ionic Styler is always cool to the touch and you will never come in contact with the ceramic heating technology because it’s safely contained on the inside. 

How much does the Ionic Styler cost?

The Ionic Styler costs just three easy payments of $19.95. Shipping is free! All major credit cards accepted. 

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