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Dynamic Virtual Viewer is a virtual reality headset. It can be used to watch videos and also to play different video games in 3 dimensional settings. This product is worn over the head and eyes, which means that you can move your head and thus see in all directions. As a result, your experience will be very realistic and you will feel like you are a part of whatever is happening in the video which you are watching.

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This virtual reality headset allows 360 degrees of vision. The quality is excellent, the company claims, and hence you can enjoy 3-D movies and games like never before. Dynamic Virtual Viewer works with most smartphones. It is comfortable to wear and so you can watch movies or play games for hours.

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The cost of Dynamic Viewer is $29.99 plus $6.99 shipping, for a total price of $36.98.

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  • Wireless

    Its wireless feature makes it easy to carry around and to use.

  • Head Strap

    A stretchable head strap means that the virtual headset will fit everyone with ease.

  • Earbuds

    There are earbuds so you can better hear what is going on in the video that you are watching. They also block out the sounds from outside, letting you immerse yourself completely in whatever you are watching.

  • Hd Quality

    All videos can be seen in HD.

  • Phone Holder

    The smart phone holder has a lock in feature, which ensures that your phone will not fall out while you are using the product.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Place Smartphone In Holder

    Select the video that you want to watch or the game you want to play, and place the smartphone in its holder.

  2. Wear Headset

    Wear the headset and adjust the strap on your head.

  3. View Video

    Now simply watch the video or play the game that you intended.


  1. Realistic Experience

    This virtual viewer offers a very realistic experience. When you watch a movie while wearing this product, the 3-D graphics will be in such great detail that they will make you feel like you are a part of the action. Being able to move your head also adds to the viewer experience.

  2. Ease Of Use

    As the headset is comfortable, it is easy to use. The fact that there are many free VR apps also makes this product useful.

How It Works

Dynamic Virtual Viewer plays 3-D movies or video games from a smartphone. You can then see these movies when you wear the headset.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

  • How Comfortable Is It To Wear?

    This headset comes with pads around the eye region, making sure that no pressure is felt in that area. It is also light weight, making it further easier to wear it.

  • What Does It Play?

    The virtual viewer can be used to play any 3-D movie or game. There are even several free virtual reality apps to choose from.

  • What Kind Of Phone Is Needed?

    Almost all smartphones are compatible with this device.

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