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Coolway Transform is a hairstyling formula that is intended to be collaborated with a blow dryer to give the user softer and healthier hair than what it is normally. It holds the style in the hair for twice as long and is clinically proven to work. Coolway Transform is a lightweight spray that causes the hair to look silky and smooth just by coupling it up with a blow dryer. It is intended to take the place of other hairstyling products that aren't as effective. It can also double up as a leave-in conditioner, because it contains an amino-lock complex. 

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Coolway Transform produces softer, silkier, and smoother hair just like at the salon but without the pricetag! It is clinically proven to hold the style twice as long and is healthy for the hair. Coolway Transform works for any hair types and takes just minutes to achieve beautiful results. It allows users to enjoy salon styles every day! The secret is in the amino-lock complex, which is activated by the heat in a blow dryer to hold the hair straight from inside the cuticle so hair is healthier and silky smooth. Coolway Transform has proven real results for real people and also reduces frizz.

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The cost of Coolway Transform is $59.85 plus $7.95 shipping, for a total price of $67.8.

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  • Clinically proven to hold the style twice as long 
  • Safe and non-toxic 
  • Collaborates with a blow dryer to style the hair to become straight and sleek 
  • Works on all hair types 
  • Reduces frizz 
  • Non-greasy 
  • Used by celebrity hair-stylists 
  • Takes minutes to work 
  • Given product of the year by Allure magazine 
  • Contains an amino-lock complex 
  • Doubles as a leave-in conditioner 


  1. Straightening the hair to a sleeker shine
  2. Replacement for other hairstyling products 
  3. Getting longer-lasting color 

How it works

Coolway Transform is clinically proven to hold the style twice as long. It contains an amino-lock complex which, when activated with the heat from a blow dryer, holds the hair straight from inside the cuticle so hair is left healthy, soft, and silky smooth. Coolway Transform is safe and non-toxic and can work for all hair types. 

How to use it

  1. Spray Coolway Transform onto damp hair 
  2. Blow dry the hair and brush at the same time 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How often can I use °Coolway® Transform™?

The great thing about °Coolway Transform is that it’s gentle enough to style your hair as often as you need, without damaging your hair. That said, °Coolway Transform helps preserve your hair’s moisture levels, preventing frizz and rapid style loss from humidity, so your styling results last longer (up to as many as five days or until you wash your hair).

Can I use °Coolway®’s Transform™ with my current high heat flat iron?

Because °Coolway Transform allows you to achieve added control and manageability with less damaging temperatures, try turning the setting down on your heat-styling tool and see how low you can go to still get perfect results with °Coolway Transform. If your current flat iron doesn’t go below 320°F, consider the °Coolway AutoSense Styler. It does something no other flat iron can do. It measures the moisture content in your hair and automatically sets to the precise temperature needed for your hair type on that given day to activate the °Coolway Transform formula for optimal results while avoiding damage.

Do I have to use a blow dryer with °Coolway® Transform™?

It depends on your styling objective. For smoothing and straightening results—YES, because °Coolway Transform’s AminoLock is heat activated. What’s amazing about °Coolway Transform is that it accelerates the blow-drying and smoothing process. Instead of your hair puffing up or frizzing, °Coolway Transform causes your hair to immediately start to smooth—all from within the hair’s cuticle, so there’s no added weight that can impede styling. To further reduce drying time and exposure to heat, we created our own °Coolway Go PRO Ionic dryer. For more information on the GoPro Dryer, call customer service at (800) 206-4535 or see our products page. Also, because °Coolway Transform’s AminoLock complex consists of a rich formula of silk amino acids and L-Arginine—nutrients that help repair weak and over-processed hair, it can be used as a leave-in conditioner (no blow dryer required).

How long will my supply of °Coolway® Transform™ last?

Your °Coolway Transform is intended to be a 30-day supply for the average user. But we realize that everyone’s hair behaves differently, depending on its length and type. If you have long, thick hair, you will need more °Coolway Transform to fully saturate your hair than someone with short thin hair. If your hair is oily or you wash your hair as frequently as every day, you will likely be styling your hair more often, using more °Coolway Transform than the average user. The more °Coolway Transform you use, the better your styling results and the more nourished and healthy your hair will look and feel. So if you find yourself running out in less than 30 days, call our Customer Service at (800) 206-4535 and find out how you can increase your monthly °Coolway Transform supply as needed for very little additional cost.

When and how often should I use the Super Boost™ Treatment?

°Coolway’s Super Boost Treatment was designed to help turn back the clock on months of serious high heat and chemical damage and accelerate your hair’s healing process. A $20 value, it’s our gift to you FREE when you order °Coolway Transform. Each 1 oz. travel-size tube of Super Boost Treatment is designed for a single use (possibly two depending on your hair length) and is intended for use in two ways: 
1. As a prep before styling with °Coolway Transform for the very first time. It’s the perfect kick-start to your new regular low heat way of styling and will help accelerate your hair strengthening results and improve elasticity; or 2. As a back-up for non-styling-related hair health issues. When you style damage-free with °Coolway Transform, you no longer need thermal protective and repair products, but we recognize that other factors contribute to your hair health besides styling damage: for example, environmentals like over-exposure to the sun and diet, or minerals in the water used to wash hair, can cause periodic damage.

Can I use other products or treatments in my hair after styling with °Coolway®?

YES, but a key advantage of °Coolway Transform is that you might not need any other products that potentially weigh down your style. °Coolway Transform is clinically proven to improve hair strength and reduce frizz, so your hair looks shinier, healthier and more youthful. If you have specific styling products that you feel compliment your Transformed hair (i.e. shine serums, root lifters, etc…), feel free to use them.

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