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Better Strainer is a specialty strainer which is shaped like a flat kitchen utensil rather than the traditional bowl strainer. It uses flex technology to fit over any size pot, pan, or bowl and drains the water out of the container while attached to it rather than draining it into a separate container like with traditional strainers. It stays put on the container as well because it contains lock-on tabs that secure it in place. Better Strainer is also designed to take up a small amount of space. It is compact enough to fit virtually anywhere and take up less space than an oven mitt. 

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Better Strainer stores easily and fits any size pot, pan, or bowl! Unlike conventional strainers, Better Strainer stores virtually anywhere and takes up less space than an oven mitt. It flexes to fit any container and uses the technology of lock-on tabs to secure it in place. Better Strainer is strong! It is so strong that it can even strain 5 pounds worth of potatoes. Yet it comes right off with just a pull. Better Strainer is great for draining pasta, draining grease, and draining fruits and vegetables. And since it takes up so little room, it’s perfect to fit in any cabinet or drawer. 

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The cost of Better Strainer is $10.99 plus $7.95 shipping. The special TV offer allows a free gift which you will receive by paying the extra shipping fee of $7.95 for a total price of $26.89.

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30-Day Money Back Guarantee


  • Compact to take up less cabinet space
  • Expands to fit any size pot or pan 
  • Stores away in a small amount of space 
  • Fits virtually any size pot or pan 
  • Can fit pots, pans, bowls, and more 
  • Comes with lock-on tabs to ensure a safe and steady pour 
  • Strong 
  • Comes off with a touch of the finger



  1. Pasta 
  2. Corn 
  3. Ground beef 
  4. Potatoes 
  5. Works for big stock pots 
  6. Raviolis 

How it works 

The Better Strainer is designed to flex, which allows it to fit to any sized pot, pan, or bowl. It comes with lock-on tabs that ensure it will stay on even when the heaviest foods, such as a 5 pounds worth of potatoes, are drained through it. Better Strainer is also compact enough to take up a small amount of cabinet space. 

How to use it 

  1. Flex it to fit the pot or pan in question 
  2. Snap it on using the lock-on tabs 
  3. Strain the food 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Do you offer a money-back guarantee on this product?

Yes, it comes with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the product after 30 days, simply return it for a full refund, less the shipping and handling. 

How does Better Strainer work?

Better Strainer is designed to actually fit over any size pot, pan, or bowl. It flexes to adjust to the specific size of your container and then secures in place using lock-on tabs. It’s so strong that it will strain 5 pounds of potatoes, yet it comes with off with just a tug of your finger. 

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