Air Bead Cushion

The Air Bead Cushion is a new way of sitting on chairs that is meant to be more comfortable and healthier for your body. Instead of enduring uncomfortable or stiff seating, you can sit on the Air Bead Cushion and allow it to conform to your shape. All you have to do is place it down on a chair, sit on it and release the air valve. The beads and air inside do the rest. Almost like magic, they conform to your figure and stay that way even after you are finished sitting.

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If you find yourself sitting on many uncomfortable chairs, you might need to get yourself an Air Bead Cushion. This product is a mixture of beads, air and soft fabric that will give you the most comfortable seating possible. It does this by contouring to your own body as you sit down.

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The cost of Air Bead Cushion is $14.99 plus $7.99 shipping. The special TV offer allows you to receive a second Air Bead Cushion by paying the extra shipping fee of $7.99 for a total price of $30.97.

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  • Weight Resistant Air Beads
  • These weight resistant air beads allow the cushion to contour to your specific shape as you sit. Once it reaches its best shape, it stops contouring and remains in that position.

  • Stays Contoured
  • The Air Bead Cushion stays contoured even after you get up. This means you can leave your seat to take care of other tasks, while still coming back to a perfectly comfortable chair cushion.


  1. Help With Back Pain
  2. This seating is great for those that sit often and experience back or leg pain because of it. The Air Bead Cushion will give you a comfortable foundation that will help your body relax and sit with ease.

  3. Use With Any Chair
  4. You can use this cushion with any chair, including wheelchairs, benches, kitchen stools, office chairs and seats in the car. Its versatility means you can take it anywhere with you to ensure you always have a comfortable place to sit. It is especially useful for those who sit for long periods of time.

How It Works

Simply place the Air Bead Cushion down where you would like to sit and then have a seat. Release the air valve and wait for the cushion to conform to your unique figure. This cushion will remain conformed to your figure even if you get up.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Sit On The Cushion
  2. Sit on the cushion after you have chosen a comfortable place to sit.

  3. Release Air Valve
  4. Release the air valve and wait for the cushion to shape to your body. Once that is completed, the Air Bead Cushion will stop reshaping.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

  • Why Is It Comfortable?
  • The Air Bead Cushion is comfortable for almost everyone because it conforms to your own body type. It shapes around your figure, giving you the best support possible.

  • What Colors Are Available?
  • The Air Bead Cushion only comes in one color – light blue. Unfortunately, no other color options are available.

  • Is It Heavy?
  • No, the Air Bead Cushion is not heavy. It is a lightweight product that is meant to be portable, so you can place it on any chair for maximum comfort.

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